Hitachi’s mission extends beyond industry success - we strive to exceed social expectations by focusing on two key areas, Community and Educational Outreach. Engaging in impactful social programs and activities, we leverage the company's resources and technology expertise to support local needs. As technology evolves, Hitachi delves into the significance of nanotechnology in different aspects of our daily lives.

Hitachi High-Tech has been a beacon of support for schools nationwide. The Inspire STEM Program offers hands-on experiences and meticulously designed virtual, blended learning options, transforming education into an exciting journey of exploration and limitless possibilities, inspiring the next generation of young scientists.

Inspire STEM Education Outreach

Our Tabletop Scanning electron microscope (SEM) brings the captivating world of all things nano into focus, inspiring students to become the great innovators of tomorrow.

Our teaching tools offer a great opportunity for students to explore the fascinating world of natural nanostructures, computer chips, insects, color, and many other everyday objects. Our vast collection of lesson plans and EOP STEM Kits, designed by educators, provide a range of sample modules that align with lesson plans tailored for students of all levels.

Empowering Teachers, Inspiring Students

STEM education is critical to our future and Hitachi’s mission is to inspire future innovators through advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We are committed to making a difference and promoting STEM education globally.

  • Shape critical thinkers and boost problem-solving skills
  • Kindle a passion for STEM among students
  • Bring advanced technology to the classroom
  • Helping educational institutions and educators by loaning tabletop scanning microscopes
  • An active community of followers and contributors

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