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Hitachi Medical Biotechnology

Hitachi utilizes its technological expertise to provide advanced equipment, systems and services in the field of life science, including advanced medical research and biotechnology.

Diagnostics and Equipment

Proton Beam Therapy (Cancer)

Hitachi Proton Beam Therapy

Hitachi is a pioneer in Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) technology and has been developing its own proton beam therapy system since 1998.

Ion Linear Accelerator

Hitachi Ion Linear Accelerator

Hitachi specializes in the development, production, installation and servicing of ion linear accelerator (linac) systems.

Biotechnology / Science / Life Science

Biotechnology Related Machine, General Analysis Machine

Biotechnology Related Machine, General Analysis Machine

Hitachi is committed to providing the highest quality scientific instruments in the North American market with a wide range of Biotechnology and General Analysis equipment.

Electron Microscopes

Hitachi Electron Microscopes

Hitachi provides sales, service and advanced applications support for SEM, STEM, TEM, FIB, SEM/FIB, Ion Milling and Data Management Products.