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Introducing our wide array of IT and Security products, digital devices and parts, and industrial services.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Hitachi responds to your business needs with high value-added solutions and our collective group strength.

Electronic Devices / Materials / Automotive Products

Electronic Devices / Materials / Automotive Products

Hitachi utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide parts and materials including electronic devices and automotive products.

Transportation / Logistics

Hitachi Logistics Services and Transportation Solutions

Hitachi has built on its reputation of quality and service, by providing logistics services and transportation solutions.

Medical / Biotechnology

Hitachi Medical Diagnostics and Equipment

Hitachi offers systems and services in fields that include top-level medicine, health and welfare services.


Hitachi Industrial Equipment

Hitachi is a globally recognized leading manufacturer of best-in class industrial equipment and systems that are adaptive toward the rapidly changing needs of the modern industrial environment.