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Hitachi in Canada

Inspiring Innovation: Hitachi’s Commitment to Society

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has responded to significant societal challenges based on our Mission of “contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.” While the Hitachi of today has expanded well beyond the creation of the 5hp electric motor that was its first product, the company is still committed to delivering innovative solutions that combine products, services and highly sophisticated IT. Finding answers to critical global challenges and developing solutions that create value for future generations are integral parts of Hitachi’s Mission. In 2013, Hitachi created a new Vision statement: “Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire the world.”

Hitachi’s Vision was shaped by its desire to find solutions for many of the complex issues facing society such as securing adequate resources, including water, energy and raw materials, protecting the environment, and responding to the needs of aging populations. Through its customized solutions, Hitachi hopes to help realize a world that provides safety, comfort and convenience for people in every region, country and community.

Hitachi has grown into a large, global infrastructure services and solutions company with demonstrated expertise across a wide range of diversified industry sectors. From complex social infrastructure systems to highly advanced medical equipment; from sophisticated data storage and virtualization systems to IT that analyzes and organizes vast amounts of unstructured data; from automotive technology that improves vehicle safety and performance and reduces emissions to popular power tools that are appreciated by professional builders and do-it-yourselfers alike, the Hitachi Group manufactures and sells advanced solutions that impact nearly every facet of modern life.

The purpose of this brochure is to acquaint you with Hitachi’s companies and their unique solutions in North America; a region in which Hitachi has operated for well over half a century. In North America, Hitachi is a recognized leader in the automotive sector, the biomedical field, business solutions and consulting services, electronics, high functional materials, industrial infrastructure, IT, the power generation market, and in the transportation and logistics sector. Hitachi and its subsidiaries also manufacture and sell several popular consumer products.

Hitachi’s engineers, industry experts and employees all have great faith in the power of technology to advance and transform our lives now and in the future. As a company, Hitachi strives to produce solutions that combine products, services and highly sophisticated IT that are known for their reliability, innovation and contribution to moving society forward. Regardless of the solution it provides, Hitachi is committed to “ushering in the next era of growth.”

Social Innovation: It’s Our Future

Recently, Hitachi released its 2015 Mid-Term Management Plan – our action plan for resolving challenging issues the world is facing through our Social Innovation Business and our plan for realizing Hitachi’s new Vision. In this plan, we committed to focus on driving innovation in society by proposing solutions that combine a wide range of products and services that maximize the implementation of highly sophisticated IT. Hitachi’s 2015 Mid-Term Management Plan focused on 3 key pillars:

  • Innovation—Strengthen service businesses that maximize the utilization of IT and bring about innovation.
  • Global—Deliver innovation to customers and society globally.
  • Transformation—Transform Hitachi to deliver innovation by standardized and speedy operation.

Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is anchored by the desire to identify issues from customer perspectives, work on solutions together with customers as One Hitachi and to drive innovation by providing solutions that combine products, services and highly sophisticated IT. To reinforce its focus on Business to Society solutions worldwide, Hitachi also recently launched a global campaign with the tagline: SOCIAL INNOVATION - IT’S OUR FUTURE

Through its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi wants to provide answers to serious global challenges. Hitachi hopes to provide total solutions for sustainable community life around the world. Among major global companies, Hitachi has differentiated itself from its competitors by having the expertise to build complex infrastructure systems and by having the capability to develop and supply the advanced IT needed to operate and maintain them.

Being a leader in the Social Innovation Business means improving the transportation infrastructure in urban areas, improving access to clean water and developing technologies that promote a smooth and efficient transition to the Smart Grid. It means developing data centers capable of organizing and storing vast quantities of unstructured data and finding more efficient ways to generate energy and moderate its consumption. It means providing heavy duty construction machinery equipment needed to build roads, factories and office buildings and creating automotive technologies and mass transportation systems that improve efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint. It means creating cutting edge biomedical equipment for treating cancer with less damage to healthy tissue and creating high quality MR images that improve diagnostic capabilities and patient comfort and safety. It means refining technologies and developing new ones to meet tomorrow’s challenges, creating value that will last for future generations.

The goal of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business: to drive innovation and “Inspire the Next.”