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Hitachi in Canada

Hitachi breathes new life into the coming era as symbolized by our corporate statement, "Inspire the Next." We will strive to help achieve a society of comfort and abundance as the ultimate solutions partner.

Hitachi's Activities

  • Global Citizenship
  • R&D / Procurement
  • Arts & Entertainment

Hitachi Outline 2016-2017

Hitachi Outline 2016-2017

An introduction of Hitachi’s activities globally, creating both economic and social value, in order to contribute to a sustainable society.
Find out more about Hitachi’s corporate profile.

Corporate Video

"Behind the Name Hitachi" is a brief introduction of the Hitachi Group. This approximately four-minute video captures the history of the Hitachi Group, its global commitments, and its aspiration to become the Innovation Partner for the IoT era.